Website design in Ahmedabad

Now Ahmadabad becomes a hub for the web development. Now a day's, designing is key factor for any web application

What customer expect from the website design.

1. Easy to use and understand GUI.

This is one of the most important expect in current web portal.

If people think that site is difficult to use then they will not use it again even though It can be very useful to them

*above image is screenshot of


2. Neat and clean graphics.

Now people dislike the eye catchy and dark color graphics. They more prefer simple, clean and decent graphics.

*above image is screenshot of


3. Light weight page.

Now people can't wait if site takes too long to load.

*above image is screenshot of


As such this is the industry which updates very much frequently. Customer expect also change with the trend. Important thing is customer satisfaction. We can choose any technology or any trend if customer satisfy with it.

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